Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And now for something completely different

Per the advice from Darren Rouse's "31 Days To A Better Blog" challenge,


... here are a few "elevator pitch" drafts for "Perrin's Oddments":

"Life as a tabletop player character"

"I'm not a gamer, I'm a player character!"

"Gaming inspiration for real life"

"What would your character do?"

"Okay, your game console has just died. What will you do now?"

"Tabletop RPGs: Still relevant, and let me tell you why"

... more to come as inspiration strikes...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Expanded character idea auditions

It's been a while since I worked with the Oddment Hunter. I won't say that I've gotten bored with the concept, but Jack seems to be living in something of a vacuum. So, let's see what happens if I give him a motley and additional supporting castmembers:


  • Fairest (Dragonkin) Mostly because exploring Draconic arrogance in a physically attractive mortal form might be interesting, especially if he or she "deigns" to become a genuine friend to Jack and the rest of the Motley
  • Darkling (Mirrorskin) Mostly because every team needs a master of disguise, but it might also be fun to explore how such a person might form an inner core identity as a way to stabilize all the roles he or she assumes and discards
  • Wizened (Brewer) Chemistry is the great equalizer, but a skilled brewmaster can be even more valuable.
  • Elemental (Manikin): Mechanical people are just cool.
  • Beast (Swimmerskin, manta ray): The story's set in Berkeley, close to the ocean. What it's like for an ocean life-form to live in a very cold and somewhat polluted body of water is another question entirely.


  • Fairest (Flowering): Possible love interest for Jack, based on shared interest in Goblin Fruit. Conflict over her membership in the Spring Court; Jack doesn't like to be told how to act and think.
  • Ogre (Gristlegrinder): Rival for "Oddment Hunter" title or post or whatever; specializes in tokens that must be harvested from still-living creatures, generally represents the path of monstrosity that tempts Jack far more often than he would admit. Winter Court. Same Keeper as Jack. Escaped earlier but took much longer to acquire a place in the Freehold and mortal society.
  • Elemental (Stormlord): member of the Bishophric of Ravens, regularly offers Jack help and membership in that Order.
  • Darkling (Tunnelgrub): member of the Margravate of the Brim. Thinks Jack would fit right in with the Margravate. Offers Jack tidbits and membership. Jack must usually bribe him with an Oddment to get him to back off.


  • Coffeeshop operator - mentioned in a previous post.
  • Beauty school manager - Where Jack gets some of his Glamour recharge.
  • Hunter team - They know something about him, and it makes for more interesting storytelling if he gets to know them
  • Mother - Does she know that "Richard" is not her son?
  • Father - Does he care that "Richard" is toeing the line a lot more than he used to?
  • Cousins - Rich has hinted to Jack that at least one of the cousins is another Fetch.
  • Other relatives - Aunts and uncles, and batches of nieces/nephews and other relations.


"Rich" (fetch) - Rich has to represent something that Jack might have been if the Gentry had never taken an interest in him... though there should still be some distinctions. Rich has (at the beginning, anyway) embraced the degenerate lifestyle that Jack decided to refuse, but there's enough of a soul in there for Rich to start feeling remorse about how casually he dismisses other people's suffering.

Titikakte (Keeper) - Classic Ogre. Unlikely to encounter Jack except near "natural wild" areas, though he can force himself through the Hedge in parks that are sufficiently large and unkept to suit his tastes.

Anyone else see a part in the story or a Kith/Seeming they'd like me to write about? Leave a comment!