Monday, April 20, 2015

A Little... Lost

So, I have a girlfriend, a job, a car and a place to live. Barring vagaries of fate, this will likely remain true for at least the next few months. Then, the girlfriend and I will move into a house, together with at least one or two other people, and things will proceed from there.
I've self-diagnosed as a high-functioning autistic; I can't count matches as they fall out of a box, but I can lose myself in writing (or tabletop RPGs, or books or movies or things like that) pretty easily... and I can barely manage to live a life on my own.
How do normal people manage to do more, to live more? Is it due to feeling less? I'm strongly in love with my girlfriend and love our too-infrequent-by-necessity sex. I can lose whole hours with a book in my hand, or a computer and keyboard, or even a notebook and pen if the writing-inspiration flows smoothly enough. Do I just need to channel that into something that will make me scads of money?